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3. Search page

The search page will list the results of a search submitted from the bottom of any page on the site. Further searches can be done from this page.

Requiring at least three characters, a search does a case-independent search of all articles to find which contain all the words in the search. Avoid using common words like to or and which would skew results away from the words actually wanted.

Alternatively, click the Exact checkbox to search only for the exact phrase. However, all non-alphanumeric sequences, such as punctuation or whitespace, will be reduced to single spaces for the search itself. For example, dog-like, dog like and dog!!!like will all be treated as dog like for the search. Here, words like to or and must be included if in the wanted phrase. An article with the term will only show if the term is contained within the same paragraphs or other block elements at least once.

The results are listed by articles with the most word occurrences first, and includes for each:

  1. a.Headline as a link to the article.
  2. b.Number of word occurrences, as a link to the first article's word count, and to the top of the page for it.
  3. c.Article introduction.

The search is not fuzzy in that only the exact words are searched for, but, unlike public search engines, all articles containing all the words are returned. If more than one subsite, the article's owning subsite's name will precede the count. If the site uses multiple locales, the locale for the text containing the words will precede the count, and may result in an entry for each locale for an article in which all of the words were found in the texts of multiple locales.

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