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Rights specify what is allowed to be done with the content by others, ranging from all retained by the author to being released in the public domain.

Rights are defined on a per subsite basis, and are displayed in all page footers for the subsite under Rights. The default setting is All reserved which means the copyright holder has total control over all applicable copyrights for the content created by or for the site owner.

Note that none of this applies to content supplied with Smallsite Design, which is considered All reserved.

To be less restrictive, this page allows defining the formal term for the new rights, as a optional link if a URL to the description of the rights is also provided. If releasing as free of copyrights, specify Public domain, and no link need be provided.

The columns for the rights settings for each subsite are:
1LocaleLocale identifier
2Text URLCurrent text and URL, and expand to edit them
3Delete the rights details for the locale

If no text is specified for the master locale, the default is shown. If text for a non-master locale is also specified, it will be shown when viewed in that locale. If a URL is specified for the master locale, then the text of all locales will show as a link to that URL. If a non-master locale also has a URL specified, it is used for the link instead for that locale.

A common alternate copyright used is Creative Commons which should cover most variations of rights, like specifying how liberally content can be copied, and whether attribution is required. If wanting to release the content free of all copyrights, just specify text of Public Domain, and no link need be provided.

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