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Redirects enable a substitute page to displayed instead of the one specified in a url.

The types of redirects are:
1ExplicitFull path for a single page to be redirected to the To path or external page. The From field must end with a /. Automatically created when an article or category is given a new Headline/Heading, along with being Enabled
2ReplaceWild-card facility, where all paths starting with the From text have that text replaced with the To text
3SourceWild-card facility where all paths starting with the From field are sent to the single path or URL of the To field. Meant for redirecting to a new structure
4AllCatch-all base URL for pointing all URLs to a new domain that has the same structure. Do not end the domain name with /. No From field shown

Note that:

  1. a.The From field for an Explict, Replace and Source type must start with /art/, /cat/ or /feed/.
  2. b.The redirect is actioned for the first match in the order listed, ignoring all others after. For example, if a Replace type is specified, if a path matches an Explicit type, that will be the redirection applied, rather than using the Replace type.
  3. c.For all but the All type, if a ~ is used for the To path, no redirection will occur for matches to the From path, thus allowing exemptions.
  4. d.The Replace and Source wild-card types are best suited to when well-structured Headlines/Headings are used.
  5. e.External To URLs must use the secure https scheme, unless other non-http schemes have been specified in the Additional schemes field of the Settings page.
  6. f.Smallsite Design automatically redirects URLs with the insecure scheme http to the secure https well before checking for redirects, along with other measures to prevent changing to an insecure scheme.
  7. g.The main home page, while it may have been put into the browser as a path of /, is converted to /art/h-main/ before redirects are checked, so the root of the site can be specifically targeted for redirection.
The fields available for editing a redirect are:
1FromIf the URL matches this path, the redirect is actioned. Not shown for All type
2ToIf From matched the URL, this is used to build the redirect path according to the type
3TypeWhether the redirect is permanent or not. For Permanent (301) redirects, browsers will update their internal URL favourites to use the new URL, and search engines will transfer any ranking for the old URL to the new one
4ExpiryDate redirect will be disabled. Master manager can extend by set periods
5StatusWhether enabled. Manually-created redirects are Disabled by default
6DeleteDelete the redirect. Only shown to the master manager
Some examples of redirects are:
1ExplicitFrom: /art/a-about/
To: /art/a-about-me/
2ReplaceFrom: /art/p-write-
To: /art/a-create-
3SourceFrom: /art/a-new-

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