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2. Policies page

Policies articles provide lists of the various policies governing use of a site. There can only be one per subsite.

There are fixed sections for:

  1. a.Site use – what limits apply to site pages, and what actions may be taken.
  2. b.Privacy policies – what is done with information provided to the site.
  3. c.Unpublished works – the access limitations for articles that have not been published.

Some of these may not be displayed. There can be up to 19 site-specific sections to cater for other policies from these ones, or even more comprehensive versions to replace any of them. Each section can have up to 19 items, and up to 2 paragraphs for explanations or links for further or alternate information. There may be introductory information at the start of the page.

Typically, there is only one Policies page per site, with each subsite pointing to the main subsite's page.

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