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The articles in a category can be sorted alphabetically or an explicit order with numeration.

The navigation bar Order options are:
#OptionSorted by
1AlphabeticHeadline in ascending order, except for the signature article, which will be first
2ReverseHeadline in descending order
3NumericExplicit order specified on this page
4LatestCreation date, latest first

Numeric ordering is useful if there is a natural sequencing of the topics that would be better served by specifying their order. Articles have their headlines prefixed with their position in their page and the category's article list. Previous and Next links are included on the Category navigation bar, and named links with number prefix to the previous and next articles are on a special category navigation bar in Article footers.

Latest is like for blogs, where the latest is first by creation date, so ignoring any updates done in the meantime, unlike with the Latest articles page which takes updates into account. This order is suitable for when the articles are to be looked up by the date they were written. To help with this, create a Navigation article with a catalog to other navigation articles with a year as their Headline, each having a catalog to categories with year and month in their Heading and sorted by Latest to hold their articles. Catalogs are explicitly ordered, so their Headlines don't have to be strictly formatted like for Reverse.

Reverse is typically for Headlines with fixed-length date formatting like yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss, latest first, though the separators can be any characters as long as they are the same for each, and any prefix text used for them is the same. This is used for Smallsite Design's release notes because versions have that format.

If there are more than three articles, the possible Move by options shown are 1, 3 and if more than 10, 10, which is the number of lines by which the clicked article is next moved. After each move, the setting reverts to 1.

The columns for the list of articles are:
1ArticleArticle identifier
2ShowPublic visibility of the article
3Moves the article up according to the Move by setting. If the move would go beyond the top, it continues from the bottom. Only shown for the Numeric Order option
4Moves the article down according to the Move by setting. If the move would go beyond the bottom, it continues from the top. Only shown for the Numeric Order option

After one of the direction buttons is clicked, the button is active for the article at its new position, allowing the pressing of the Enter | return key immediately after to instigate a single move in the same direction.

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