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Navigation articles are short articles that can include cards, a catalog or an image gallery to facilitate highly visible navigation around a site.

Navigation cards form the key visual navigation aids in Smallsite Design. They make favoured parts of the site more attractive and discoverable compared to using Categories pages, though such pages can be the target of cards or gallery images. Alternately, a catalog may be used, providing a Category page-like custom themed list of links to articles and categories. Galleries provide a picture-only navigation suitable for those who just want to jump around the site on a visual whim.

Navigation pages can form a hierarchy of choices to help guide navigation through a site. It is often quicker to read and make choices from two ranges of limited options than one from a much larger range. To keep the pages focused on the primary function of navigation, the allowed content above the cards or images is limited to a few blocks, like paragraphs or lists.

A home page is a navigation page, but tied to its subsite. A navigation page allows an initial aside which can contain a short video, suitable for using on a home page as a personal introduction by the site owner.

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