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Move articles

Multiple articles can be moved quickly between categories.

This page is meant for moving multiple articles in quick succession. To move a single article to another category, in the article's Details page, select another category in the Category field. Note that the latter is the only way to move articles to or from a default category.

The two phases of article moves using this page are:

  1. 1.Target category selection.
  2. 2.Successive article movements.
The headings of the Move category are:
1Subsite – ShowJump to the category's Subsite page, together with its visibility
2Category – ShowFor the From row, jump to the category's Category page. For the To row, jump to this page in the category selection phase. Followed by the category's visibility
3ArticlesNumber of articles in the category
4FromRow with source category details
5ToRow with target category details. Not shown for the category selection phase
The columns for the category selection table are:
1IDCategory identifier
2ArticlesNumber of articles in the category
3ShowVisibility for the category's subsite and itself
The columns for the article move table are:
1IDArticle identifier
2ShowArticle visibility
3MoveMove button to move the article and highlight the next article's Move button

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