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Each article and sub site can have its own related articles or external pages. Navigation pages can have cards or galleries as well. All such links are specified in the same way.

Internal links are always to an article or category. For a card, the target's heading, introduction and basic aside image are used for the body of the card. For galleries, the targets' basic aside images are used.

External links must always use at least the secure https protocol, unless other protocols/schemes have been defined in the Additional schemes field of the Settings section of the Settings page.

The columns for links are:
1Category|…Shows the current link as a jump to the article's or category's page, as a link for external links. Depending upon the type of links, a site item can be selected or external link text and URL can be provided
2Move the link up. If already at the top, it moves to the end of the list
3Move the link down. If already at the bottom, it moves to the top of the list
4Delete the link after confirming by clicking on the
The limits applying to each type of link, and their scope – internal or external – are:
1Subsite navigation5BothQuick links for significant pages or sites shown in the subsite navigation bar. Only for subsites
2Cards8InternalOnly shown at the end of navigation articles
3Gallery20InternalOnly shown at the end of navigation articles
4Related articles5InternalOnly for subsites and articles. Shown at the end of the main body of pages
5Related sites5ExternalOnly for subsites and articles. Shown at the end of the main body of pages
6Site links3BothLinks for utility pages or sites shown in the Site links subsection in the Links section at the bottom of pages. Only for subsites

For any page, a maximum of five applies for each of Related articles and Related sites, with those for an article appearing at the top and given preference. For example, if an article has 4 links, and its subsite has three, the first four links will be for the article's links, with only the first subsite link displayed.

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