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The contents of a Smallsite Design site can be archived, and from an archive, a full site or some elements of it can be imported.

The columns for the archive list are:
1IDArchive identifier as its date-time of creation. Currently for the site itself
2SiteSite identifier as specified in the Site ID field of the Values section of the Settings page
3ModeAutomatic if created at master manager login, Manual if actioned on this page
4FilesList of the numbers of all entities in the site or an archive, including any changes required to locales for import
5ActionsActions available for the current site or an archive, followed by any errors that prevent importing
The available actions for the current site or an archive are:
ArchiveCreate an archive of the current site
UploadUpload an archive file to the site
DeleteDelete the archive
OverwriteImport the whole archive to replace the current site
ImportImport part of the archive. Only shown if no errors that would prevent importation are found
DownloadDownload the archive from the site

When an archive has been selected for import, a list of any changes to locales required during import are shown. Clicking the Deselect button in the navigation bar re-presents the Select import item drill-down list.

Select import itemβ–³

An item in the archive has to be selected.

Drill down to select the one item to be imported. 𝝙 indicates an element that will be renamed to prevent duplicates.

As a result of selection, the result or next action required, by item type, is:

  1. a.Subsite – modify which descendants are included.
  2. b.Category – modify which descendants are included.
  3. c.Article (in category) – modify which descendants are included.
  4. d.Article (in templates) – select the new owner.
  5. e.File - imported immediately.

Modify selectionβ–³

Some descendants of the selected item can be excluded from the import.

Click on which items to exclude. Click again to re-include. Files listed under subsites, categories or articles are a link to their entry under Files, which can be clicked on to exclude them.

As a result of clicking the Import button at the bottom of the Import list, the result or next action required, by item type, is:

  1. a.Subsite – imported immediately.
  2. b.Category – select the new owner.
  3. c.Article (in category) – select the new owner.
  4. d.Article (in templates) – select the new owner.

Select ownerβ–³

For a selected article or category, the new owner must be selected.

For a selected article or category, a the new host in the current site must be clicked on. Drill down to find it. After selection, another item can be selected from the archive for import.

Import listβ–³

All the items to be imported are listed, including any changes to prevent duplicate identifiers.

The columns for the list of imported items are:
1TypeThe type of item being imported
2IDItem identifier, if applicable. If to be renamed, the new ID is underneath
3CreatedUnique internal item identifier as its creation date. If to be changed, the new identifier is underneath
4CommentsText for files, else blank

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