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Element: Media

Media blocks allow articles to have visual and audio content.

Multimedia is a large part of why people use the internet, with images being the principal form used. Video can be useful for attracting attention, so Smallsite Design allows for introductory videos, but video, and audio to a lesser degree, take a up lot of storage and bandwidth, which can tax the servers hosting small sites. They need dedicated server infrastructure like that provided by YouTube or Vimeo, so such content is better provided on them.

Smallsite Design does not allow content embedded from other sites so that those other sites cannot track the site's visitors. Unless uploaded to the site, video and audio must be hosted elsewhere and linked to.

All media blocks require an introduction to guide readers as to what to expect from or look for in the media item. Smallsite Design does not allow media to automatically play so readers are not taken by surprise.


Audio blocks allow sites to host music or spoken word content.


Figure blocks host images with optional quotes.


Video blocks allow short videos for introductions.

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