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3. Contact page

The contact page allows specifying different types of contact information as well as allowing site user feedback, suggestions and reporting infringements.

The types of contact information that might be shown are:

  1. a.Phone – may include contact hours.
  2. b.Send email – a web-based form.
  3. c.Postal address.
  4. d.Office address – may include opening hours.

The subject options for using the email form that might be available are:

  1. a.Make an enquiry.
  2. b.Make a suggestion for an article.
  3. c.Provide feedback about the page from which the contact page was invoked.
  4. d.Report an infringement of privacy, copyright or trademark.

Contact details can be inserted into the body of the email, though there is no guarantee of a return contact being made.

Note that the contact page can only be accessed by a link on another page of the site. If trying to access the page from a saved link or external page with one, the site's home page will be shown. This is to mitigate against spurious emails from spam bots.

Ensure that a subject option other than the default is selected, otherwise nothing is sent. This is another mitigation against a spam bot harassing the site owner!

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