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Online site usage help

Common page elements

Except for the main content, all Smallsite Design pages share the same elements.

Top of the page

The top of a page is the first part of page seen, so it contains significant information about the page and its context.

The areas of the top matter of a Smallsite Design page are:
Top of a sample Smallsite Design pageabcdef
aBannerSubsite banner, meant for branding information to be seen across all articles. Locales and other subsites can use all, part or none of the main subsite's banner
bArticle headerContains the article headline and optional byline
cIntroductionParagraph giving an idea of what the page is about
dSubsite navigation barVarious links for navigating around the subsites
eCategory navigation barLinks to the Categories page, the Category page for the current category, and the previous and next pages in a numerically ordered category. Only shown for an article page in a non-default category
fArticle navigation barLinks to sections of the article, if any
The links on the subsite navigation bar are:
1♿ ☐Toggles display of link underlines and non-justification of text for the remainder of the session
2HomeHome page of the subsite if not on it
3OptionalUp to four significant internal or external links for pages that visitors may want to fast-track to
4CategoriesCategories page, unless all categories for the subsite are already in the Optional links
5SubsitesSubsites page that lists all the subsites
6SubsiteTo the named subsite, unless it is the current one
7LinksLinks section of page

Article footer

The article footer contains related links and meta-data about the article.

The items found in the article footer are:
Sample article footerabcdef
aCategory navigationLinks to the named previous and next articles for a numerically ordered category
bRelated articlesLinks to related articles and categories from the site. Those for an article appear first, followed by those for its subsite
cFootnotesList of footnotes for the article, if any
dPage meta-dataVarious contextual information about the page
eWarning adviceWarnings about external sites that may do what Smallsite Design doesn't
fRelated sitesLinks to related pages from external sites. Those for an article appear first, followed by those for its subsite
The various items of meta-data about the page are:
1CopyrightFull name of the copyright holder, optionally as a link to their website if different from the current one
2RegistrationType:ID. Optional registration information, such as a business license number
3AuthorAuthor of the current page if different from the copyright holder, as a link to their website if available
4RightsWhat rights the copyright owner holds over their content of the site, optionally as a link to a document describing the rights. Note that copyrights for the Smallsite Design framework itself are separate from the site owner's
5CreatedDate the article created, or the current date for anything else, followed by the approximate elapsed time since then
6UpdatedDate of the viewed release of the article, followed by the approximate elapsed time since then
7LocaleCurrent locale, with a link to the Locales subsection of the page if more than one locale

This section contains various links and functional blocks.

The subsections of the Links section are:
1Latest articlesLinks to the up to three latest articles in the current subsite, latest first
2Site linksGroups of links for:
Custom subsite – optional utility articles providing subsite information
Subsite-specificContact, Glossary and Policies, if they exist and are enabled
OtherCategories, Feed and Site map
3SearchText entry for searching the site. Results will be displayed in the Search results page
4LocalesList of links to locale-specific versions of the page. Only shown if more than one locale

While search engines profess to scan the web, even Google will typically completely ignore more than half a website, except for the most popular site, which can be checked by searching for the domain name for a site prefixed with site:. This should list all pages that have not been blocked from being searched, but doesn't. Smallsite Design's search facility will show all pages that include all the search words, ordered by those with most numerous occurrences first.

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