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16. Check links

Periodically, a site can be checked for broken links resulting from target web sites withdrawing pages or even disappearing.

The columns of the links table are:
1Link hostType of host element with its identifier as a jump to its management page. For some types, an additional jump to the particular setting is provided
2Target – …Link to the target along with the status of the link, which may include the error code returned by the target's server

In general, broken links to the current site's pages will not occur because an article cannot be deleted until all links to it have been deleted. However, importing an article will probably result in its links being broken. Links to external sites can and do get broken because sites change their structure or withdraw content.

For external links, the error code gives the reason why the link failed, where:

  • 300+ = redirected. Not really broken, but update the link with the new URL
  • 400+ = browser-side fault. Usually an invalid request, meaning that the URL may no longer be correct. If so, update the link with the new URL, else delete it
  • 500+ = server fault. May be temporary, but if it persists, the link should be deleted .

Attribution links for images obtained from popular free image download sites will typically return 403 (restricted access) errors when accessed by a server, but return the normal 200 when accessed by a desktop or phone browser. They do this to stop mass automated extraction of their images. Try the link provided on this page, and if it doesn't go to the image page, delete the link.

External sites open in a new tab or window. Visit them at your own risk.
This site doesn't store cookies or other files on your device, but external sites might.

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