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2. Category

A category is a collection of articles having a common narrative theme.

This page is not available for the default category.

Descriptions of the navigation bar items.

The navigation bar items, other than links to the subsections, are:
1SubsiteOwning subsite identifier as a jump to its entry in the Access section in the Work list page, with its category list expanded
2CategoryCategory identifier as a jump to its entry in the Access section in the Work list page, with its article list expanded. New for a new category


This section describes the basic information for managing a category.

The details fields for a category are:
1HeadingHeading for the category. Cannot be changed to one that already exists
2NavigationShort version of the Heading to be used in navigation links
3DescriptionDescription of what the articles in the category are about. Used to provide text about the category on various pages
4CreatedDate the category was created
5SubsiteProvides the numbers of categories and articles in the category's subsite, as well as a means to change that subsite
6ActionsProvides jumps to the Order articles and Move articles pages, as well as to the category's entry on the Work list
7ImageDetails about the current image used for displaying in a card or gallery item that links to the category, with an opportunity to select another, or remove it. Only Cards and Asides are available for selection
8ShowSpecifying how visible pages are in terms of discoverability. Listed means the category and its articles are listed on various public pages. Unlisted do not appear on those pages, but can be accessed if their URL is known. Hidden cannot be publicly accessed. The default category and its articles are never listed, but the articles can be accessed if their URL is known
9ExpiryCurrent expiry date followed by alternate periods for selection. The password and a Reset button for it take up the second line. Only shown if Show is Unlisted. See Unpublished works
10DeleteAvailable to delete a category, but only if it is hidden, has no articles, and is not linked to. Only shown for master manager if not default

The identifier used by links and URLs is derived from the master locale Heading by converting it all to lowercase, then converting each sequence of non-alphabetic characters to a single -.

Navigation is mainly for ensuring that navigation text is short so that many items can appear in navigation bars. That means that it may not be required for all locales, but only for those that may need to be shorter. Therefore, unlike other values that fall-through the locale hierarchy to the master, Navigation is only used if defined for the current locale, otherwise the heading is used. A ? will appear if the heading is too long, but Navigation may be safely ignored at the expense of possibly cluttered navigation bars.

Specifying an image for a category can aid navigation because it can be used in a card (if Card) or gallery (if Card or Aside) array of a Navigation article by referencing the category as part of the array. For a card, the Navigation and Description are used as its heading and explanatory text. If there is no navigation text, the Heading is used. Consider use in a card when framing the text for these category attributes.

Unpublished works

A category and its articles can be made available to a restricted audience by password-protecting them.

When Unlisted is selected for Show, a password and a one day expiry are created for the category. Thereafter, each access attempt for the category or any of its articles is preceded by a Restricted access page for entering the password, after which the wanted page shows. An alternative is to append ?p= and the password at the end of the URL, though replace the ? with a & if a fragment already exists. The latter is what all links between the category and its articles use to minimise password entry.

Instead of such articles showing Unlisted in the upper outer-edge of the header, as happens when an article itself is set to Unlisted, they show Unpublished, which is a link to the Unpublished works section of the main subsite's Policies page if it exists. See Unpublished works. The articles in the category do not need to be set to Unlisted.

Linked from

This section lists the sources of all the links to this category.

The linked from fields for a category are:
1Source typeThe type of owner of the link that points to the category. Either Subsite or Article
2Source IDThe source identifier of the host of the link to the category. Click on it to jump to its manage page
3Link typeThe location of the link in its host. Click to jump to where that link is defined in the source


A new category only requires a heading and a description.

The fields for a new category are:
1HeadingHeading for the new category. Cannot be the name of an existing category. Note that the resulting category identifier derived from the heading might also be rejected because it already exists
2DescriptionDescription of what the articles in the category are about. Used to provide text about the category on various pages
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